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Many people believe Nigerian weddings in the diaspora do not leave room for new and innovative ideas, but you better believe it's possible!

You want to create an exclusive experience that your family and guests won't forget. And you want all this without the stress or feeling overwhelmed or choosing the wrong vendors to bring your vision to life.

Cheers! To creating a party they’ll never forget!


 We connect you to the best in the game and provide a team that understands your values.

We dig in to discover the best entertainment choice for you - nothing cookie cutter here

We guide you on what's to come at each phase of planning so there’s nothing to worry about.

We've Got You Covered

As certified wedding planners we provide young professionals and CEO’S Mind-Blowing Events with planning made impeccably simple & stress-free

Planning that feels as good as the celebration!

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Stress-free planning at every phase

A wedding day that delivers an unforgettable experience that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime!

STEP three


We connect you to the best. Putting together an A-list team from decor to invites and music to bring this vision to life. 

STEP two


We get to the creative, deciding the mood, look, colours, lighting, table setting, the experience you want your family and guest to have.



Adetutu  & Dewale

Oruka Events executed a stellar international event. They planned an event in Canada and executed it flawlessly in Nigeria. The planning was actually fun for me because of Oruka Events.

An Easy & Proactive Approach

your peace of mind is priceless

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Deciding on a unique venue is essential to the ambiance, service, and type of food that you and your guest will receive.

That's why we visit every venue in person to confirm the logistics are smooth and seamless for you and your guests.

Jump into your venue search with confidence


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We create teams you can rely on and select reputable vendors that are guaranteed to be professional, capable and a good fit with your values and vision. Not only do we connect you with the best, we manage these professionals too.

Kick start your vendor selection with the best in the business

connected to the best

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From early morning wake up calls to first looks and first  dances, we ensure your day flows seamlessly.

We plan a minute-to-minute itinerary of your day that begins from the time you wake up, incorporating all the intricate details that make you and your spouse unique. 

Every detail immaculately timed and coordinated


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You want to wow your guests and have fun doing it. Well you're in the right place! We provide each client with unique ways they can create experiences that keeps guests engaged.

 Because who wants to repeat what everyone's doing?

Creative ideas to make your wedding stand out from the rest

Fun That Fits Your Personality

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Planning that ensures you don’t miss a step

With a process that ensures no details are missed, we provide all the tools, guidance and routine planning meetings you need to ensure everything is in place.

When you're dragging your feet on things, we'll keep you accountable 

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The truth is at any event there is likely going to be some hiccup. The last thing you want to do is worry about all the behind-the-scenes of your wedding. Our team is at every location, you can be assured that every location things are being taken care of

Dance the night away without any worries

there when you need us

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Yes! We know you may be skeptical about whether it's possible, but you can actually make it to your wedding on time. We have figured out the secret formula for having on-time, cross-cultural, contemporary weddings. The proof is evident when you choose us. So, go ahead! Break the tradition of being late for your wedding.

A couple
That's On Time

Being Late is So 2008

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From conception to execution, we have the experience and expertise in planning and coordinating exquisite African traditional weddings.

It's an exciting way to celebrate your culture and express your unique heritage.

Cultural weddings that showcase the best of your tradition

CLEAN & DETAILEd celebrations

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Spend money on the things that matter the most to you and save on things that matter less. This is budgeting philosophy.

We use a collaborative tool you can refer to or update as things change. You will always know the status of vendor payments. And you'll be able to walk into your wedding stress-free of any pending financial obligations.

Budgeting You Can Count On


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With couples all over the world, we continue to find innovative ways and technology to easily plan across boarders. And no, you won't see us with clipboards on your wedding day. 

Far or near, we'll be there


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We know your family is still going to be your family after the wedding, and we like to keep it that way! That's why we foster communication that is, considerate, respectful and kind. We are 100% here for you. And we'll be in your corner, championing your vision of your wedding. We work as ambassadors with your best interest at heart and will help in choosing where to compromise. 

Navigate family dynamics

Helpful & understanding

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Communication during the planning process is essential. We are not one of those planners that have many roadblocks. We  provide flexible and easily accessible ways to communicate and connect with us. 

Flexible communication that understands you're busy

excellent communication skills

as seen in


After all the hard work you've put into crafting an unforgettable wedding, you deserve to enjoy every moment of it. At Oruka Events, we specialize in full planning, partial planning, and month-of coordination services.

We customize each package to match your specific needs and vision. If you're feeling overwhelmed about where to start, don't worry! We're here to walk you through every step of the journey. Let's work together to bring your dream wedding to life! 

Be a guest at your own wedding

So are we!

Ready to kick off your shoes and have a good time!