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Nine years ago, My mum and I planned an unforgettable 500 guest wedding!

As the firstborn this would be the first wedding in the family, the last thing we wanted was a disorganized, and boring wedding.
During the planning process we quickly realized the time and effort required to put everything in place.  

Letting my family know meticulous, planning early on was crucial to putting together a seamless fun and memorable wedding was crucial.

 Your planning peace of mind

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My mum and I had fun planning my once-in-a-lifetime day. Now, we guide couples on how to have an absolutely stress-free wedding - a party that is both epic and fun! The kind of celebration your family and friends are in awe of! 

You don't have to go through the mess and chaos of planning on your own. Instead, hire the best: professionally-trained, award-winning planners who have had the privilege of being featured in some of the nation's top, luxury magazines.

We Couldn't Stop There 

Bukky & Tolu

They were 100% here for us and would be in our corner and champion our vision of our wedding. 

We Create Weddings Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

My favorite part about planning a wedding is being a part of creating a new family.

At Oruka Events, we understand the complexities of cross-cultural weddings and know the importance of making everyone feel included.

We believe your family should be active participants in enjoying the wedding - not working behind the scenes. And we believe all our couples deserve great, friendly, and personalized service for every celebration.

We genuinely care about you and your crew

Eyitayo Dada

Meet my mum. Everyone calls her Mama Tayo. 

She offers amazing perspective on marriage and weddings. She is passionate about seeing weddings come together and ensuring that everyone is cared for. 

Her superpower is working with parents,using her knowledge about the culture, and acting as a marriage coach to keep couples and their families working together in a cohesive manner.

Knowledgeable & detailed

As a company, one of our main tenants is creating a stress-free planning experience.. We have heard about too many brides crying at their wedding because one thing or another didn’t go “right”, and we are not about that life!

That’s why we provide routine planning meetings to ensure everything stays top-of-mind and front-and-centre. A to-do list that ensures your trip down the aisle is smooth sailing. And the tools and support to make planning a breeze and getting married easy peasy. 

Stress does not have to be part of your story. With us,
all you have to do is show up!

professional & knowledgeable

Hate going to weddings where you just sit there and wait…and wait…and wait until something happens or people show up?

With us, your guests will experience exceptional service from the moment they arrive until your sparkler exit is complete. And it will all be well coordinated and immaculately timed.

No Sit-Down And Wait Syndrome. 

Many times people focus so much on decor that they forget about their or their guests’ experience. Not here! We ensure your guests are experiencing your wedding with all five senses.

From the moment we begin designing your event, we focus your budget on the experiences you care about most. 

Creating More Than A Visual Experience.

We truly want to be part of every wedding. So, we connect with every couple. You don't have to speak to a ton of people or book multiple meetings to reach us. Instead, you're the only wedding we coordinate on any particular day. So, you’re always guaranteed to have a 100% of our attention.

You Have Our Undivided Attention

From collecting video messages from parents who could not make the wedding to picking up a camera and becoming a client’s photographer when one no-showed, there is no mountain too high and no valley too low for us. No matter what, we promise to go above and beyond to ensure your day goes off as planned.

We Go Above And Beyond

We make the most complex events impeccably simple. In fact, you may end up feeling like a famous Hollywood star with your very own director (that’s us!) exclaiming, “Places, people. Places!” A wedding executed with this calibre of support will be the highest honour to you, your family, and your guests. 

Luxe You Can Trust

Going into every wedding, I pray and ask God for the best day! When I get home, I hug and kiss my two beautiful daughters and make a video to say thank you to our couple and vendors for a fabulous day!

01 Fun Fact

My mum loves getting the same outfits as me. So, if you see us twining on your wedding day you know who copied whom.

02 Fun Fact

Here’s the most fun thing about hiring us: You know your wedding is in great hands, and your guests will have top-notch service.

03 Fun Fact

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